Women's Counseling

Often times counseling space dedicated to women is referred to as therapy focused on "women's issues." That doesn't sit well with me as it's placing the burden of the problems experienced on you as the women. I acknowledge that the barriers, stigmas, intersectionality, biases, and difficulties that women uniquely face deserve a dedicated space, one that allows you to safely explore, understand, and challenge them. I am passionate about creating such space. Reach out for more info!

Perinatal Mental Health

Up to 1 in 5 women will experience a maternal mental health disorder, 1 in 7 women will experience depression during pregnancy, less than 15% of women will receive treatment. I feel these stats are not talked about enough. There is little awareness of the impacts perinatal mental health has on moms, babies, and families making moms feel even more isolated and alone. Additionally, the shame and stigma moms face in addressing their mental health or even acknowledging a less than perfect motherhood experience is deeply entrenched furthering the above statistics. This is not okay. Let's talk today, zero judgement, and all the support, advocacy, and resources you are looking for! Perinatal mental health disorders affect partners too, I am here for you offering individual, couple, or family treatment options as well. You are not alone, you matter, let's talk!

Image by Rob Potter