Doula Services

Unicorn Supports PLLC Offers Full-Spectrum Doula Services

Birthing is unquestionably one of life's greatest marvels. An exhausting, messy, beautiful process bringing parents and babies together. Birth can also come with fears, worries, and uncertainty. That's where a doula can be invaluable. I am here to support you, to answer any and all questions, and to address concerns. I help you identify your birth vision and advocate for as much of it to come to fruition as possible. I ensure your voice is heard and advocate for your preferences and choices to be respected. I understand the importance of having a birth space feel comfortable and safe.


And while much of the focus is put on birth, the steps preceding and following birth deserve the same, if not more, support. Fertility struggles leave many feeling lost, unsupported, and lonely. I am here for you! The postpartum period is also a time where having someone to lean on can be so needed. All focus has shifted from you to baby, your getting little (if any) sleep, you are a new parent or have just expanded your family, your baby is almost constantly in need of you, your hormones are in chaos, your body is healing, and yet life goes on and you still have the same responsibilities as before. IT'S SO MUCH. I hear you. And again, I am here for you. Additionally, I offer support for parents well after the post-partum period. In a world of superficial, time-limited services I am here to build your trust, support you, understand you, and advocate for you from fertility to parenthood. 

At Unicorn Supports PLLC, if you are looking for caring, experienced, professional, full-spectrum doula services, I would love to talk with you. Thank you for stopping by and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about my services or to schedule a consultation with me today.