Trauma/Resiliency Work

Compassionate Trauma-Focused Mental Health Counseling. A safe, structured space to process and heal.


Trauma can take many different shapes and forms. Trauma can be messy. It can manifest in a tangle of emotions, triggers, responses, and coping mechanisms. Trauma can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, lonely, painful, and confusing. As it is said, healing is not linear but at Unicorn Supports PLLC I would be honored to support you in constructing and navigating a path through healing that fits you.

At Unicorn Supports PLLC, I offer the professional, experienced, and trauma-informed services you are looking for, and just as importantly, the caring and understanding you deserve. Trauma counseling services can be an important step in healing and bettering our mental health and overall well-being. Flexibility equates to resiliency when it comes to out nervous systems. Let's work on developing flexibility through mindfulness and awareness while building pathways back to safety and connection. 


Considering professional support is the first step and I so appreciate you taking the time to better understand my approach and what I offer here at Unicorn Supports PLLC. Finding a mental health therapist that is the right fit for you is essential in comfortably and safely sharing your experiences and responses. That's why I offer free 15 minute consultations: no pressure, no obligation! I hope to chat with you soon!