Support for Military/Veterans

Seeking a Therapist Familiar with Military Life for Yourself or Others?

Do you need a therapist familiar with the military that offers relationship counseling? Would you like to talk to someone who can help, and that understands the complexities of military life? Welcome to Unicorn Supports PLLC, and if you are looking for military focused therapy for yourself, you and your partner, or your family, active-duty, retired, or anything in between, I can help. Military life is unique and demanding. The excess strain placed on military members and their families can create issues, conflict, and stress in relationships. I understand and I am here for you!

Chain of command, routine, discipline, and order. Those are words that help define and more importantly structure the life of enlisted men and women. When that world meets the universe of flexibility, variety, chaos, and disorder (at least in the eyes of many military men and women) of civilian life, conflict can ensue. In certain circumstances, this can be the situation for active-duty military families. In other scenarios, this is a common adjustment conflict for those recently discharged. At Unicorn Supports PLLC, I see both worlds and can help bridge the gap. With my lived experience as a military spouse, I am able to relate to the difficulties, stressors, worries, and disappointments as well as the unique sense of pride, accomplishment, etiquette, and customs associated with having someone you care about in the military.


Thank you for visiting Unicorn Supports PLLC, and thank you for your service. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation. Relationships, life, military. Those are big issues to tackle alone, and at Unicorn Supports PLLC, you don't have to.