How Walk and Talk Therapy Can Help You

Walk and talk therapy can work for people who have had therapy fail for them in the past because it engages both the mind and the body. You may not have heard of this type of psychological therapy since it came on the scene in the past decade, but it can help people achieve unexpected strides.

Rather than sitting inside a doctor or therapist’s office for an hour, the patient and therapist walk outdoors either on a beach, in a park, in a forest, or around a track. The discussion goes on as it would have indoors, but with the movement engaging the body during the process.

Dr. Maz Miller accidentally discovered the efficacy of this therapy. She had a patient who needed to begin exercising as a part of her daily routine but couldn’t seem to get started. Dr. Miller chose to go with her during a session and to hold the entire session outdoors in a secluded area that still provided ample privacy.

When her patient enjoyed the session, they continued the practice and Miller noted quick progress. She tested the process with a few other patients and also noticed remarkable results with each of them. Eventually, Miller stopped offering traditional therapy and moved to only offering walk and talk therapy.

She worked with professional organizations in mental health to develop a training and certification program to help other therapists learn this groundbreaking method. Walk and talk therapy can help a patient feel less anxious and threatened by the therapy session, as well as provide for a more fluid engagement.

Could walk and talk therapy help you? If therapy has failed for you in the past, contact Unicorn Supports for an appointment with Maddie Robertson. Robertson integrates walk and talk therapy into her traditional practice. She received her BS in Health and Human Performance in 2017 from the University of Montana and her Master of Social Work from the same university in 2020. Robertson became a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSWA) in 2021 and a doula in 2022.

Her unique combination of experience and education allows her patients to integrate their therapy into the process of growing their families. As a doula, she assists with the birthing process but also works with the expectant mother throughout the pregnancy to help create a healthy, vibrant overall parenting process.

Contact Robertson today for virtual mental health therapy. If you live in the Anacortes or Oak Harbor, WA areas, you can opt for walk and talk therapy with Unicorn Supports.

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